Culverts are typically square, rectangular or half-circle in shape and maybe purpose-built for fauna passage or water drainage, or a combination of both. They are generally pre-cast concrete cells or arches made of steel. By definition, culverts were initially used to carry water. However, culverts are becoming popular as fauna passageways to assist our fauna species from crossing highways and roads. They are also known as underpasses.

In Australia, various fauna species have been recorded utilizing culverts for movement. Research has been undertaken into identifying the attributes of fauna culverts and how we can make them favorable to different fauna species. ‘Furniture’ has been installed in standard culverts to enhance their function as fauna passages.

Culverts or dedicated fauna tunnels are often used and broader to cater to a greater variety of fauna species. The use of ‘furniture such as rocks, logs, ropes and ledges and appropriate planting at entrances have been shown to facilitate the movement of some species.

We specialize in log fauna culvert crossings which appear to be a very suitable fauna crossing for Koalas and various other species.