Artificial Nesting platform: Osprey

Nestled atop of a 30-metre pole in Birtinya on the Sunshine Coast, is a new and improved home for an Osprey pair.

The artificial nesting platform was designed and manufactured by Fauna Crossings, who worked in conjunction with the Sunshine Coast Council. All parties took inconsideration and ensured the long-lasting aluminium basket will provide a strong robust support for future Osprey to settle in to. Potential nesting material will be added to the basket for the birds to use if they choose to. The birds will build a nest at least 15cm deep inside the structure.

Osprey experts advised the birds would return to the location, towards June or July in time for breeding season.

This perch is important to the birds as it allows them to survey the areaing platform

The older timber designs are prone to failure in extreme weather and are now
typically avoided.

Osprey nests vary in size but they are generally quite large, built using sticks and lined with seaweed and grass.

Both the female and male osprey take part in nest building, with the male doing most of the carrying and the female doing the arranging

  • Average size: 50-65cm length
  • Wing span: 1.7m
  • Average weight: 1.25kg
  • Breeding Season: April – November
  • Clutch Size: 2-3 eggs
  • Incubation period: 33-38 days
  • Chicks fledge: 55-60 days
    Large fish-eating bird of prey
  • They can see underwater due to a transparent membrane on their eyes
  • Fish make up some 99% of their diet

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