About Fauna Crossings

Our company (Fauna Crossings) is committed to designing, manufacturing and installing the most effective fauna crossings to achieve the best possible outcomes, by identifying a number of options to address a broad suite of fauna and its environment.  We have had over 15 years experience in design, consultation and more recently, research of the various types of fauna furniture to ensure safe passages for our wildlife..

For many years ecologists and conservationists have documented the adverse relationship between roads and wildlife. They have identified four ways that roads and traffic detrimentally impact wildlife populations:

  1. decrease habitat amount and quality
  2. increase mortality due to wildlife-vehicle collisions (road kill)
  3. prevent access to resources on the other side of the road; and
  4. subdivide wildlife populations into smaller and more vulnerable sub-populations (fragmentation). Habitat fragmentation can lead to extinction or extirpation if a population’s gene pool is restricted enough.
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Numerous studies have shown that the construction and use of roads is a direct source of habitat fragmentation. As mentioned above, populations surrounded by streets are less likely to receive immigrants from other habitats, and as a result, they suffer from a lack of genetic diversity. The relationship between roads and habitat fragmentation is constantly tracked. After years of research, biologists agree that roads and traffic lead to habitat fragmentation, isolation, and roadkill, all of which combine to compromise wildlife populations’ viability throughout the world significantly.

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Passionate to Wildlife Environment

We are passionate about our wildlife environment, and to ensure the native fauna of Australia can remain in their environment and move across roads without the risk of being killed, we deliver high-quality products designed to meet our client’s specifications at very competitive prices. Our company works closely with our clients and stakeholders to provide quality assurance, environmentally sustainable, and fauna friendly.

We are proud to participate in the success of many companies who have placed their confidence in our team.

A few projects that we have been involved with:-


Abigroup – Cardwell Range, Hunter Expressway Projects


John Holland Group   – Devils Pulpit Project


CMC Construction   –  Wiggins Island Project


Baulderstone   –   Buladelah Project


Thiess / Queensland Rail   –   Opossum and Sandy Creeks


Veolia Water  –  Mt Petrie


MacMahon  –  Glenugie Upgrade

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