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“Committed to designing, manufacturing, and installing the most effective fauna crossings in Australia”

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What are Fauna Crossings?

Fauna crossings, also known as wildlife crossings or fauna animal crossings, are structures that allow animals to pass through man-made barriers such as roads and highways safely. Fauna crossings | Wildlife crossings may include:

Wildlife crossings are a habitat conservation method that allows habitats to join or reconnect, reducing habitat fragmentation. They also aid in the prevention of vehicle-animal collisions. Killing or wounding wildlife animals, human injury, and property damage are caused by vehicle-animal collisions.

Wildlife Crossings Australia
koala crossing pacific highway

Why Choose Fauna Crossings | Wildlife Crossings Australia?

By recognizing a variety of choices to address a broad range of fauna and its habitat, our company (Fauna Crossings) is committed to developing, manufacturing, and installing the most effective wildlife crossings to achieve the best potential outcomes. Moreover, we have over 15 years of expertise in designing, consulting, and, more recently, researching various sorts of fauna furniture to ensure safe passages for our species.

Our company are passionate about our wildlife ecosystem, and we produce high-quality products designed to meet our clients’ needs at very competitive prices to ensure that Australia’s native fauna can remain in their natural habitat. Above all, animals can cross roads and highways without fear of being killed.

Also, we collaborate closely with our clients and stakeholders to ensure that our services are of high quality, environmentally sustainable, and fauna-friendly.

Many companies have put their trust in our team, and we are glad to be a part of their success. 

Fauna Crossings wildlife crossing australia
wildlife crossings australia

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Some Of Our Designed Fauna Crossings

Koala Crossings and fauna crossings

Koala Crossings

We installed Koala Crossings on culverts or dedicated fauna tunnels to cater to a greater variety of fauna species. We added logs, ropes, and ledges wide enough for koalas to scurry across without getting wet. It is also used by some other small animals like goannas and possums.

wildlife bridge flat rope bridge

Fauna Bridge

Fauna bridge have been designed for the protection of the glider animals like sugar glider, squirrel glider and also the ringtail possum. The design accommodates these small marsupials so that they can reconnect with their original environment, which has been decimated by the construction of major motorways.

koala crossing bridges

Koala Bridge

Koala Bridges have been designed for the protection of Koalas and to keep them off the road. It is build using logs because Koalas travel mainly along with logs. They feel much safer on the logs, and they are away from other animals like wild dogs and foxes. Also, a resting pole also added for them to relax. They cannot travel too far without having a rest.

glider poles fauna animal crossings

Glider Poles

Glider poles have been designed for the safe aerial passage of local wildlife affected by major infrastructures like highways and overhead lighting. Usually installed to assist small possums such as sugar and squirrel gliders and also the endangered mahogany glider. Glider poles are for the little gliders that do not run along the ground but live in the trees and glide from tree to tree.

wildlife bridges and fauna crossings

Wildlife Bridges

Wildlife Bridges are designed to facilitate safe wildlife movement across roadways. It allows the connections or reconnections between habitats, combating habitat fragmentation. Wildlife Bridges also assist in avoiding vehicle and animals collision, which in addition to killing or injuring wildlife and may cause injury to humans and property damage.

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