Fauna Crossings are structures that allow animals to cross human-made barriers safely.

Our company (Fauna Crossings) is committed to designing, manufacturing and installing the most effective fauna crossings to achieve the best possible outcomes, by identifying a number of options to address a broad suite of fauna and its environment. Our aim is to ensure that the structure meets the expectations of the design criteria.Box Rope Fauna Crossing

Fauna crossings are a practice in habitat conservation, allowing connections or reconnections between habitats, combating habitat fragmentation. They also assist in avoiding collisions between vehicles and animals, which in addition to killing or injuring wildlife may cause injury to humans and property damage.

The conservation issues associated with roads (wildlife mortality and habitat fragmentation) coupled with the substantial human and economic costs resulting from wildlife-vehicle collisions have caused scientists, engineers, and transportation authorities to consider a number of mitigation tools for reducing the conflict between roads and wildlife. Of the currently available options, structures known as wildlife crossings have been the most successful at reducing both habitat fragmentation and wildlife-vehicle collisions caused by roads).

Log fauna culvert crossingWildlife crossings are structural passages below or above roadways designed to facilitate safe wildlife movement across roadways.  Recently, conservation biologists and wildlife managers have advocated wildlife crossings coupled with roadside fencing as a way to increase road permeability and habitat connectivity while decreasing wildlife-vehicle collisions.  Wildlife crossing is the umbrella term encompassing underpasses, overpasses, green bridges, amphibian/small mammal tunnels and wildlife viaducts.

Nest Box Installation

All of these structures are designed to provide semi-natural corridors above and below roads so that animals can safely cross without endangering themselves and motorists.

We manufacture and install fauna rope ladder crossings, nest boxes and fauna log crossings going through culverts.

We are a very professional team with expertise in consultation and delivery.